How can "refresh" icons?

I install new video drivers (nvidia), after reboot I get this:

How can refresh this icons? All opus instances look the same. Looks like 8-bit color.


Weird... but try Settings->Preferences->Listers->Thumbnails and click on the Settings button next to the Thumbnail caching: text. In the Thumbnail Cache Settings dialog that appears, click on the Empty button...

Don't work.

disabling icon cache and don't work.
increasing maximun cache size don't work

Strange, it looks like Windows is giving Opus the wrong type of icons for the display mode.

Maybe changing to 16-bit colour, then back to 32-bit colour, in the Display settings will fix things.

Before post I tried changing color depth. It don't work. =(

Maybe the "Repair Icons" action in TweakUI will fix it.