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How Cut,Copy, drag & drop with SuperCopier

Hai Dear All
I Want to use SuperCopier program for Cut,Copy, drug & drop with Directory Opus. Is That Possible?
I try This way but it's not worked

Drag & Drop: Copy

  • Go to Settings -> File Types and edit the All Files and Folders entry near the top.
  • Select the Events tab and double-click the first entry which is Drag-and-Drop .
  • When the Edit box pops up, replace copy movewhensame with:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperCopier2\SuperCopier2.exe" Copy *{allfilepath$|filem} {destpath}
  • Click OK to save the change.


Dear community Please Help me!!

I think you're not getting a reply because almost all of us use Directory Opus to do the copying and/or moving rather than invoking a third-party program to do it.

Do you have a guide showing how SuperCopier2 command line works?

Thanks DesertDwarf for reply. I do not have a guide showing how SuperCopier2 command line works? If you have any idea, please help me.
There is a post about teracopy software. I just follow the same tricks here. But it's not working. I steel believe This community will must help me.

Ask the makers of SuperCopier how its command line works. We can't tell you that, but if you need help working out how to make Opus generate whatever it is that it needs, we can then help with that part.

oooH Leo, I am very happy to see your replay. I just need Supercopier works with Opus. Please Help me.

We can't support another company's products. You'll need to do some research of your own.

Khalid, you'll need to talk to the developer of SuperCopier or an advanced user to find out how the command line works. It's entirely possible SuperCopier does not even have command line functionality, so there would be no way to integrate SuperCopier into Opus.

Maybe you can find a forum for SuperCopier users (just like there is here for Directory Opus). If so, there may be someone ready to answer your question for you. The question you need to ask is:

What are the command line arguments for SuperCopier?

Once you have that information, come back here and share that information with us so we can help you setup the drag and drop events to work with SuperCopier correctly.

Thank you so much Dear DesertDwarf for give me good advice. I have no knowledge about the command line arguments. I found a post in here
Please have a look is that command line can any help,
actually I have no idea what I am looking for. If I do any mistake please forgave me.

For copying, I think you would use this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperCopier2\SuperCopier2.exe" cp {allfilepath$} {destpath}

For moving, I think you would use this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperCopier2\SuperCopier2.exe" mv {allfilepath$} {destpath}

These are untested and may not work, but might get you started in the right direction.

Thanks Dear DesertDwarf for try to help me. I believe Some Day will we Success to integrate Supercopir with Opus. I test your code but it doesn't work. Its show the following error
API is already running for the current session
you can't run SuperCopier2 more than Once per Session

I try with restart my PC but the error is same.


It sounds like you have SuperCopier already running.

Thank's Dear Jon for reply. I try again, and this time I exit super first from my task bar system try as the screenshot below.
After exit supercopier when I try the button with the following code from my Opus tollbar>> Then supercopier program open again in my task bar system try But the copy Process dose not run. nothing happen.

For your kind Information. There is a Mouse Right Click context Menu Where is a option "SuperCopier copy here" That means Use Supercopier for copy Like The Screenshot.

I found this context menu when I Drag any folder with my Mouse Right Button to other file display & If I Select "SuperCopier copy here" Then Supercopier Works fine. Is there any way to works that "SuperCopier copy here" option in my Mouse Left Click Drag & Drop?

Have you asked the people who make SuperCopier how it needs to be run via the command line to use it from other programs? They're the people who can tell you. We have no idea ourselves.

Hi Leo I Asked in their forum. But I don't get any reply yet. But I found some post about command line. Please have a look in this command line If anything helps us to integrate Supercopier with Opus.

Do direct copy/move

  • cp sources/ destination/
  • cp sources/toto.txt sources2/ destination/
  • mv toto.txt c:\

To ask the destination:

  • cp source/ ?

That looks like what DesertDwarf's commands did, but for some reason it was complaining that it was already running. (Which is strange as there's no reason you couldn't copy multiple things at the same time.)

You'll need to ask for help from the people that make SuperCopier.