How do I associate media files to play through Dopus 'viewer

When I open a lister and single-click on an MP3 file, the Dopus viewer plays the file.
How can associate it to do the same for AIF/AIFF files and in the future other media types?
Currently, AIF files are associated to open with Windows Media Player via Windows Explorer and play correctly.
Under Dopus, the viewer opens binary data.

I'm using Dopus 10 on Win7 Pro 64bit.
Thanks for any help.

Try adding those extensions to the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, under Preferences / Viewers / Plugins.

Adding them to the same line(s) as .wav is the best bet.

If that works OK, you can make Opus the default handler for those files like so: HOW TO: Use the Opus image viewer inside or outside of Opus

Thanks Leo, it worked!
It shows what looks like the Media Player in the viewer.

Is there a way for the file to play as soon as it loads in that viewer? -like autoplay.
So far it loads the player and AIF file but I still have to press the FORWARD ARROW (>) play button to actually play it, if you know what I mean.
I'm glad I got it this far!

It's not always true but you might find of you add the extensions to the Generic ActiveX line lower down the plugin's config window, and uncheck the Windows Media Plauer Preview Handler in the top section, then they'll play with the Windows Media Player ActiveX control instead, whicj should autoplay. (It can depend on how things are set up in the registry, though.)

Thanks for getting back leo,
Looking there I have two Generic ActiveX lines (32bit and 64bit).
Only the "Generic ActiveX 32bit" has file extensions.
My "Generic ActiveX 64bit" is blank/empty.

Unfortunately, when I make a change to add AIF to the Generic 32bit line, it launches Real Player in the viewer and then a pop saying Real Player can't handle the file. If I add AIF to the Generic 64bit line, it launches Windows Media Player but I still have to click the PLAY button.

I guess I reached a dead end?
I'm not too bothered but it would have been fun to have that functionality.
Thanks again.

Quick followup: I've associated my .3GP files (Real Video) to the Generic 32bit and now Real Player shows in the viewer and plays the video. Before, my .3GP files were associated to the Windows Media Player which only played the audio of the videos (I could hear them but not see them).

Go to Windows Media Player itself and assign those file extensions to it (i.e. make it the default application associated with those filetypes).

With WMP, that usually registers it as the ActiveX handler as well, which should in turn change what the Generic ActiveX line in the plugin will launch to view the files.