How do I change directory and the search for certain folders

I have a directory that I keep updates that I download

For example


Within this directory I may have each file in a subdirectory prefixed with a category

C:\Updates\Backup Utilities
C:\Updates\Freeware Macros
C:\Updates\Freeware Printing stuff
C:\Updates\Internet Powermarks
C:\Updates\Internet Webcapture
C:\Updates\Internet ResearchHelper
What essentially I would like to do is to create a button that with change directory to
C:\Updates and then take me to the 1st "Internet" folder

That is so that the selected folder in the example is
C:\Updates\Internet Powermarks\

The command that I did was


But it did not work

I must be pretty dumb as I assume that since C:\Updates take me to
C:\Updates and if I then quickly type Internet, I actually go to

C:\Updates\Internet Powermarks\

So what did I do wrong.


Any help is much appreciated.

[quote="bookman"]The command that I did was

Commands don't work like that. They are not macros that type things for you.

If you want to change directories then you need to use the Go command and pass it the name of the directory you want to change to as the PATH argument:

Go PATH "C:\Updates"

The PATH argument name is actually implicit. If some part of the command isn't recognised as part of some other argument then it's assumed to be a PATH argument. So this is the same as the above command:

Go "C:\Updates"

If you want to learn more about the basics of Opus commands then have a look at the Tutorials forum and use the sections near the end of the manual for reference.

Moving on to the other thing you need to do, going to the first folder with "Internet" in its name, I don't think there is a reliable way to do that via a command at the moment. If it's something you really need then you should file a feature request asking for wildcard support in the Go command. That would enable you to do something like this:

Go "C:\Updates\Internet*"

That won't work at the moment, though.