How do I Copy Files to a "Selectable" Destination?

I can not figure out how to copy files where I would be given the option to select a different Destination folder. Of course, DO copies to the opened Destination Folder just fine. But sometimes my destination folder is not where I want to copy the files to. Is there a way to be prompted to select the destination folder?

Thank you


Thank you Nudel for the information. I am still learning. I was not aware of all of these options to place on the commands. WOW! I guess I am going to have to read the manual. I think this is one manual I will actually look forward to reading!

Yup, the predefined list of commands is just the beginning. :slight_smile: Welcome to Opus and thanks for reading the manual.

You might want to have a quick watch of the Toolbar Editing video tutorial to get up to speed with the basics, then dive into the manual to learn what all the different commands and arguments can do.