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How do I edit this toolbar?

can some one explain where i can find tools to edit this toolbar.....

look at the image please

at the bottom of this image you see "FOLDER TREE to the LHS and "C:\Program Files\directory opus technical issues" in the RHS window.

if yo look at all the toolbars above they are all coloured seasick green :slight_smile: :rofl:

so i want to be able to edit, ie change details like colour of the bottom tool bar but im dammed if i can find the appropriate tools in DIRECTORYOPUS.

can you suggest where they are please.

right-click on empty space in a toolbar and select 'customize' you will get this dialog

This is where you can set individual colours/images for each toolbar.

Or if you want to set global colour changes, goto preferences/display

The toolbars aren't green by default so you must have configured them this way at some point in the past, either through Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts, or through the Customize / Toolbars page (both shown in the reply above).

Unless you've imported someone else's config, of course. Then all bets are off.

hello leo
thanks for your reply

i have actually configured stuff the way that jpg file shows and also have saved the config file

the seasick green is a soft colour thats easy on the eyes

i call it sea sick green as it was the colour of the side of a ferry i once travelled on. the whole side of the ferry was that colour from people chucking up over the side during rough weather. the other side was bright green as it was the high side when the ferry was on the out bound trip

so dont travel on small ferries in new zealand during rough weather.

so my thansk for your reply
philip jh

hello galaxy hub
thanks for your reply

when i right click on said toolbar i get the DROP DOWN MENU below

alas there is NO customise

i try right click on one of the green toolbars, ( empty space area) and i get this menu selection window which is missing FAVORITES, MAIN LABELS, SPACER BAR and VERTICAL.
i think i need these to set the colours i want.

i wonder how to create these (FAVORITES, MAIN LABELS, SPACER BAR and VERTICAL) as another issue.

with thanks
philip jh

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Pane borders is what you want.

And probably the File Display Border colors for the right hand part, although you must have customized those already for them to be white now.

hello leo

well that worked for the FOLDER TREE toolbar. and the other border also

C:\Program Files\directory opus technical issues

why is opus such a complicated progran to configure. there are way way too many things that can be configured and that in trying to configure them they are sooooooo hard to find where the configuration controls are.
but anyways thanks for your advice leo.

philip jh

We could simplify it by removing all those options if you want, and then you would not be able to change them at all.


found it, you have this checked in your border settings. Border is dopus terminology for the address and optional toolbars that appear above the columns. If you check 'Display as toolbar' at the top then you will have normal toolbar border.

I have many user toolbars in my current theme. You can create/delete/etc toolbars using these buttons

HELLO galaxyhub

got it and again thanks