How do i hide "This PC"

I'm new to Opus. I'm still in my 60 day trial. So far I'm loving the software. So far its not a matter "if" I'm going to buy it but how many license am I going to buy.... lol. I might need one for every computer I touch.

so my newbie question is how do I hide "This PC". I've looked under
Preferences \ Folder tree \ Contents
however the "This PC" box is grayed out so I can't select it so that I can hide it. I've searched this forum and have done several google searches yet so far I haven't been able to find an answer.

I would also like to hide the "c:" drive as well. All I really want to show the "one" folder where I do all of my work which is called "_Paul".

There isn't currently a way to hide This PC in the tree.

Individual drives can be hidden (via a registry setting that also works in File Explorer), but that would also hide the folders under the drive, so you wouldn't want that when you want to work on a folder below that drive.

We may add back the ability to restrict the tree to a particular folder. We used to have that but found it confused a lot of people, and we didn't include it when we refactored the way the tree works to make it more configurable (in other ways).

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could be solved with favorites?

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Ya that could work if I could then explore the folder(s) that I add on the left hand side. From what I can tell after I add a folder to "Favorites" its just a folder in the tree structure on the left side. I can not explore subfolders below that folder on the left hand side.

For example under "This PC" I can see the "C:" and I can continue to explore the sub folders.

Thanks for your help. On a side note, I found Opus about 3 days before Opus 13 came out and so for a week I was using Opus 12 and in Opus 12 I was able to remove the "This PC" folder, but as you stated that feature has now been removed. I never figured out how to remove the "C:" drive however.

Would it be possible to rename the "this PC". That might solve the problem. Things like "My PC" or "John's Computer", etc. might work for those who do not like the "My PC" for whatever reason.

Yes, you can rename This PC the same as normal folders in the tree. Select it, then click the label again.

Renaming This PC will affect the whole system, so you'll see the same name in File Explorer and File Open dialogs, for example.

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Thanks for the idea, o renaming the folder "This PC" but that wasn't my goal. The name "This PC" doesn't bother me. My goal is to have fewer levels to dig through to get to the files that i use.

level 1 This PC
Level 2 C:
Level 3 _Paul

For me the ideal solution would be to simply have
Level 1 _Paul

The reason for this is that there is only one Hard drive on this computer... the C: drive. and on the C: drive there is only one folder that I ever use and that is _Paul. "This PC" and C: are just wasted steps when getting to the files that i use.

While the suggestion did not work out for the OP, I actually like the idea and followed your directions to change the name of This PC on my system. Thanks.

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