How do I make the "Details" View default for all drives, folder and subfolders?

I've tried saving current list view to Details and checked all of the save options to make that my default and overwrite any saved formats. But every time I click on another folder it open up in Thumbnail view. I don't care if there are images in the folders, I want Details view as default and will manually changed to Thumbnails when I need to.
Thank you

If you hover the mouse pointer over the padlock icon in the status bar it will display a popup telling you where the folder format came from. What does it say?

It says it comes from tab #4 of my saved preferences I guess. I use a dual view so both padlocks were unlocked. When I lock them the subfolders now look to be stuck in Details view like I want. Is that the fix? BTW, thanks for replying!

Not really... falls in the category of duck tape repairs :wink:

If you can't find the format elsewhere: maybe you have a script that turns thumbnail view on.

If you're seeing this after loading a Style, please try the latest beta version which has a fix for something related.

If not, how are you opening the tab that has the problem? What's the action, command or menu item you're using to open the window or tab? Is it a new window, via a layout or your default lister? Or a style, or a folder tab group loading into an existing window?

The exact wording may help here. That sounds like it's coming from a Style or Folder Tab Group, but it would say something slightly different in that case.

I like duct tape. :slight_smile:
But no scripts here.

This is my default view when I open DO. Prior to me "locking" those two padlocks at the bottom (not shown in photo), when I would open a subfolder, the view would change to thumbnails. But now that I've locked the padlocks, it's working as I want it - almost. When I do change the view to thumbnails, I have to remember to change it back or else every folder on that lister/tab changes to thumbnails. I'd really just want it in Details and if I do change one folder to thumbs, it would be nice if next time I go there, it's back to Details. If that's not possible, I'd leave it like it is.