How do I pass the alias /DopusLocalData as a parameter?

How do I pass the alias /DopusLocalData as a parameter to an external program?

e.g.%AUTOHOTKEY%\OpusClearFind.ahk /DopusLocalData
but I just get the literal string "/DOpusLocalData"

(If the compiler says I'm missing a ';' why doesn't it just insert one for me?)

I think this part of the forum is just for posting completed buttons and toolbars and you should ask a question like this in the Help & Support forum...

You're looking to do something like:

%AUTOHOTKEY%\OpusClearFind.ahk {alias|dopuslocaldata}

If your script doesn't like the trailing backslash, add the |noterm switch to the end inside the brace:

%AUTOHOTKEY%\OpusClearFind.ahk {alias|dopuslocaldata|noterm}

Yes. I've moved the topic to the correct forum.