How do I search within my list of favorites?

I suspect this has already been answered somewhere, but I have not found it in any of the obvious places. Apologies if I have missed it.

I have quite a few Favorites but often can't find one that I particularly want. Is there a way of searching within the Favorites list? Ctrl-F etc doesn't seems to do something else, etc..



You'll find the Windows favorites in


and Opus' own favorites in


Or were you looking for something else?

Thanks for that quick reply! I should have been clearer and was referring to the Opus Favourites list, which I use all the time. The result is that although fairly organised it is not always easy to find a particular word which will get me to what I want, and I have to go down visually looking at each line.

The image shows a section of my favourites, and I might, say, want to find the one with 'Safehaven' -- about 4/5 of the way down this particular chunk of the favourites. Is there any easy way to do that (ideally it would be something like Ctrl-Shift-F/"Safe"). Have I missed that?

Many thanks


Script + ListView

Not with Favorites, I am afraid.

You could reorganize the folders from this list as links into a single "MyFavStuff" folder somewhere and apply a quickfilter when you open it.

Copy MAKELINK TO=C:\MyFavStuff

Or skip Opus this time and use Everything with a proper bookmark that takes you to your folders.

FWIW, we have something planned that might help here, but I'm not sure exactly when it will be ready yet.

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I've the same problem and a Firefox-like bookmark filter would be great :wink: