How do I use QuickJump with DO?


This questions has already been forwarded to QuickJump but there is a possible workaround, and I am hoping you might be interested in making this work.

QuickJump is a small program that enables quick selection and jumping to a folder, and it works well with Directory Opus - in that it opens DO with the desired folder. Their link is here if you are interested (like yourselves they offer a free trial):

What I am hoping to achieve is to reuse an active Lister rather than opening a new Lister each time. Is this possible?

If Custom is chosen, there is a field to enter a command line option. I am assuming (hoping...) that these options can be used to start DO with an instruction to reuse the active Lister. What do you think?

Try this:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd Go

(/acmd works in Opus and above. On earlier versions there's /cmd which works but isn't as suited to this kind of thing.)

Absolutely brilliant.

It opens a new instance of DO if not open (and follows the rules in Preferences), it reuses an open Lister if a single pane is open, and it reuses the active Lister if a dual pane is open.

Do give it a try. This is so good :slight_smile:

It is possible to get DO to restore from a minimised state after receiving a folder direction from QuickJump?

At the moment, DO changes to the requested folder (after a request from QuickJump), but if minimised, remains minimised. If DO is not open, then it opens to the requested folder in a "normal" state (ie not minimised or maximised).

Incidentally, I'm surprised you don't have a section on the DO website where you highlight how (well, etc) DO works with other software. There must be more than just QuickJump that add special features to DO's operation and usefulness. Apart from highlighting yet more DO "goodness", any cross-promotion should be good - assuming the other parties reciprocate :slight_smile:

Since getting this to work I can imagine using DO without it...

Running the Set LISTERCMD=Restore command (via the same dopusrt.exe /acmd method) should do that.

I don't know how best to make QuickJump run two commands, though. If it doesn't have that built-in, you'd probably have to create a user-command in Opus or a .bat file or vbscript or similar which QuickJump could run, which would then send the two commands to Opus.

The Tools area of the forum here may be what you have in mind in terms of highlighting other tools that work with Opus. It's a fairly endless list, though, so it's hard to know where it should start and end. Almost any tool that can be run via the command-line, or that can run commands itself, can be hooked into Opus somehow. (Not to mention shell extensions, etc.)

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the SET LISTERCMD=Restore to work with QJ (or even from the commandline), so I guess I'll have to play around and try to learn a little more about DO "under the covers" :slight_smile:

This is what you'd run from the command line:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd SET LISTERCMD=Restore

(Should all be one line, in case it's wrapped in the web browser.)

Thanks for this.

It does restore DO if minimised, but on my system it doesn't open DO if closed (not open). :frowning:

It shouldn't need to open a window if there isn't one; the other command will open the window if needed.

From the commandline (DOS command prompt window), this command doesn't open a DO window if there isn't one. It also does nothing if used in QuickJump.

It does restore a DO window if one is open and minimised - from the commandline but not QuickJump (the QJ version has "Go" at the end of the command string).

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd SET LISTERCMD=Restore

Not sure what you meant by "the other command will..." QuickJump only provides for one command string.

I will take this back to TechHit (QuickJump) and perhaps they will make a change to the program as they did last time.

You need to run both commands.

One command restores the window (if it's minimized) and the other command navigates to the folder (either in the current window or by opening a new window if there isn't one).

That's why I was saying that you'd need to find some way to get Launchy QuickJump to run two commands, possibly via an Opus user-command or via a batch file or script, if Launchy doesn't have the ability to run two commands built-in.

Edit: s/Launchy/QuickJump/ -- Getting confused by two parallel but similar threads. :slight_smile: