How Do You Use Filters In Folder Options?

I want to hide certain files and can't seem to get the hang of these filters under Folder Options. I can set it up with one hide filter e.g. "*.ini", but if I want to add another filter "Thumbs.db" for example I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried comma seperating them, putting spaces in between, quotes, different types of brackets. Can someone please tell me how this works.
I find the pdf manual most confusing on this issue; I'm looking at it now and I quote:
"For example, the
filter to the right is designed to
show only a limited range of
images files - those with file
extensions of .jpg or .bmp, or
.....................and the filter to the right is "Hide Filter *.db" ???????????
(Page 88 (98 of 220))
Also if someone could please tell me the meaning of the letters under "Attributes" i.e. R A H S E C , I would be most grateful. I'm guessing that "H" is hidden, "S" is system but I don't know about the others. Is it in any of the documentation? I can't find it.
I've done a search and nobody else has asked these questions so I hope I'm not just being thick.
Any help greatly appreciated

It looks like that picture in the manual is a bit out of sync with the text :slight_smile:

To hide multiple filetypes, put the patterns inside brackets, separated with vertical bars.

Eg *.(bmp|gif|jpg)

Attributes are Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System, Encrypted and Compressed.

Thanks for that Jon. I've got it to work now with specific file types. Is there any way to add individual files to the Hide filters. I'm trying to tidy up the views in my folders by hiding certain files that I never access but don't want to hide all system files

This is a filter I use in all of my Folder Formats:

Hide Filter
[ul][li] Filename: (Desktop.ini|Thumbs.db)[/li]
[li] Folders: (Recycled|Recycler|System Volume Information|catalog.wci)[/li][/ul] Catalog.wci is for the Windows search index. Thumbs.db is the Thumbnail database file. Desktop.ini is in every Windows folder in which you (or the operating system) have assigned a folder icon. Many of these folder are classified as Hidden or System folders (which I force Windows and DOpus to display). The Recycle Bin can use both a "Recycler" folder (on NTFS volumes) and a "Recycled" folder (on FAT/FAT32 volumes). System Volume Information is used for System Restore and some other Windows operating system functions.

Thanks guys. I think I've got it figured now.