How long before DOpus learns about updates?

Seeing a note here about an update, I naturally asked DOpus to find it. Instead it congratulates me on being up to date.

As this is the first update since I succumbed to a deal that brought the price down to a sane level, I thought I'd ask how long it usually takes DOpus to recognise updates.

I don't expect to have to monitor use groups to find that there are updates. Then again, I also recognise that it is a good idea to trickle these things out in waves.

When it does find them, does DOpus download, or just tell me to go fetch it for myself?

See FAQ: Why doesn't the auto-updater detect the latest version?

When the update check does find an update it just tells you and gives you a link to the download page. It doesn't download or install the update automatically.

If you want an easy way to find out about updates before they are pushed to the update checker then the Opus News Blog's RSS feed might be convenient, if you already use an RSS reader or have one built into your e-mail client. The address is in my signature.


I found it via the RSS feed for this forum. But for me that is not an efficient way of working.

The noise to signal ratio is just too high.

Try the News Blog RSS feed, not the forum RSS feed. That only gets updates when there's a new release (at least if you subscribe to the "on-topic" stream).

Typically there is a new post weekly at most, and often even less. No noise, just signal.

It's in my signature.

That is for the announcements. Like I said, I saw it on the forum.

Thanks to you, I found the announcements feed and now have that on my menu. So I shouldn't miss these important things as opposed to the doubtless intriguing chatter that crops up here.

Again, thanks.

The announcements on this forum always precede the update notification in the program itself by a few days. This gives us a chance to catch any serious issues before notifying the whole user base of a new updated version. You can watch this forum or you can just wait for a few days until Opus update check tells you of a new version.