How many levels of undo are supported?

I'd like to increase the number of levels of undo if possible. What is the maximum number and where do I go to change it/


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Undo is limited to 10 actions, which can't be changed (at least currently).

You can increase the number (and type, detail) of operations which are saved in the separate File Log, but those cannot be undone directly. They can be useful if you need to go back to a much older operation and work out what you did, though.

Please let us change the limit of UNDO steps to something higher than 10! :no_mouth:

The Office - That is insultingly low

Did... did you move my post from feature-requests to the comments under this question thread? O.o
It was meant as a feature request :sweat_smile:

This thread was already a feature request for the same thing, so I merged the two.

Gotcha, I didn't know this had been taken up as a feature request (looked like just a question)

+1 please add this... It seems to be a minor change, but a huge improvement.

I have 100 votes to spare. I put them all here.

Making the limit configurable is planned.


You mean I spent all my votes in vain??