How network drives are determined?

I am trying to understand the folder options. I noticed that on my home network that when I go to a network drive it takes a long time to display if there are a large number of files. From searching the forum I saw a possible solution in removing the columns like caption, description, etc. Sure enough that sped it up.

So I went into Preferences - Folder Options and modified the Network Drives item to remove any extra columns and checked the Network Drives. I went to a mapped network drive and nothing had changed.

In fact, I tried the same thing with local drives and same thing. I read the manual about folder options but I don't see what I'm doing wrong. How do I get the folder columns to be what I want without having to go directly to each column header and add/remove them there?

Check out this post... particularly the note about 'Include columns from other matching formats'. You probably want to make sure you have this option disabled on the Options tab of your Network Drives folder format/options.

I read the post. None of my settings had the checkbox checked. I have tried every possible situation with local drives and network drives and I just can't get it. I'm certainly no novice at computers but this Folder Options thing has me stumped.

All I want is on my local drives to have certain columns and on my network drives to have different columns. Seems simple but I just can't get it to work.

Well, the only other thing I can think of is to ask if you've either got content type detection enabled or if you're using 'Lister Styles'?

Content type disabled and only using the lister styles that are the default. Thanks for trying to help.

Hmmm... I'm stumped dude - I've had weird results when trying to change folder options myself, though just now changing the Netwrok Drives column info in Prefs worked fine for me when I went to a Network drive. Iwonder if comparing your exported settings vs. someone elses might help locate a difference in config settings that could explain...