How open rar or zip


How can i open zip or rar file from desktop in current active lister in new tab ?

Now i using this command:

"D:\Użytki\Directory Opus\dopus.exe" /cmd go "%1" newtab=findexisting

... it open new lister only

Use dopusrt.exe instead of dopus.exe and it should work.

No... it don't work

"D:\Użytki\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go "%1" newtab=findexisting

Seems to work for me. This is the command I tested with:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go "C:\Users\Leo\Desktop\" newtab=findexisting

My and Your command works perfect when I open zip or rar in active lister (file open in newtab in this lister - and it's OK)
But when i open the same file from desktop (double click) it open in new lister not already opened,active lister

How are you opening the file from the desktop?

just double click on the icon file

Which icon file? How have you set that to run the command you mentioned?

In action 'open' in context menu

Maybe the open verb isn't what's being used when you double-click the files.

For example, if you had used the Open With menu in the past to make Rar files open using dopus.exe then that will override the filetype's open verb.

Run my FileTypeDiag tool on .RAR and attach the result to a post or private message and I'll take a look, if you like.

Ok I resolved the problem.

Another question, It's possible to focus already opened lister to foreground ?
(bring to front minimized lister when open this file from desktop)