How stable is dopus 12 beta and what does it look like

As the title.

Thinking of installing it but it would be on my main work computer so can't have things going wrong.

Curious about how it looks. Screenshots would be interesting if anybody has time to spare.

It's quite stable now. You shouldn't expect any big problems when using it.

Thanks. Does it look much different from 11? I remember there was quite a change when I went from 10 to 11.

There are changes but none should be disorientating. Give it a try. :slight_smile:

the release notes pdf has some screenshots, but mostly of isolated elements not overviews of the whole window.

This what beta 5 using a default configuration looks like.

How it looks will depend on your OS version quite a lot.

Thanks for the screenshot. Looks very much like 11. I think I will give it a try. Will be buying 12 for sure when it comes out anyway.

Thanks for all replies.