How to add a Blank Item in Combo list?

Hi Community!
I have Create a Combo List, and I want to Add a Blank Item at the top of the list, If user Select a wrong Item then he can change the selection on the Blank item, the Blank Item selection mean the field do nothing when submit.
Here is some demo code:

        <resource name="MusicTag" type="dialog">
       <dialog fontsize="8" height="201" lang="english" resize="yes"
           standard_buttons="ok,cancel" title="Music Tagging" width="153">
          <control halign="left" height="8" name="static4" title="Genre:"
              type="static" width="27" x="5" y="76" />
           <control height="40" name="Genre" type="combo" width="104" x="39" y="75">
                  <item text="Soundtek" />
                  <item text="G Series" />
                  <item text="সংগীতা" />
                  <item text="সোনালী প্রোডাক্টস্‌" />
                  <item text="Anupam Recording Media" />
                  <item text="Laser vision Ltd." />
                  <item text="CD Vision" />
                  <item text="CD Choice" />


It seems Opus doesn't allow this via UI or XML editing (maybe via code?).
In any case here are some solutions:

  • Use a single space text " ", then it will appear blank (just filter against it).
  • Add <blank> and <keep> entries (similar to how MP3tag has), I think it's better than ambiguous blank entry + it allows more control. <keep> could be the first entry (default).
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