How to add a certain submenu command to toolbar of DO?


I'm a registered DO user but have only used 1% of DO's power up to now; I'm a newbee, I admit.

My mission today is to figure out how to add a button to one of my toolbars (doesn't matter which) such that when I highlight a file in a lister and press the button, the full path of the file is copied to the clipboard. I can easily manually do this by going to the menu bar and invoking Edit/Copy File Names/As Full Pathnames.

My efforts to add a button to a toolbar by right clicking on a toolbar, then clicking "customize" then in the "Commands" tab, highlighting "Edit" in the Categories column, does not yield any choices that resemble the command I want to make a button invoke. Any ideas? jay

P.S. A keyboard shortcut would be almost as good as a toolbar button, if that's easier to configure.

The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this will be to COPY the existing menu item and PASTE it to the toolbar.

Enter customize mode, navigate to the menu item and right click, select Copy, now, whilst still in customize mode, right click somewhere on the toolbar you'd like to use and select Paste.

You can then Edit the new button to suit - you'll probably want to turn off the label and turn on the icon.

If, instead, you wish to create a button manually, the command is:


Alternatively, you could just give the existing menu item a hotkey. Again, enter customize mode, then Edit the existing item in the menus. In the Command Editor that opens there's a hotkey field. Select, it then type your preferred hotkey. Opus will capture the hotkey combination you use and you can the press Ok in the editor. Exit customize mode and the hotkey should start working immediately.


Thanks for the speedy, concise reply. Your very first option worked perfectly and so I haven't tried the ones after that (including using a hotkey) but I will for other, future toolbar buttons I will be making. Take care. Nella