How To Add A Command Field To A Toolbar

I'm trying to follow a post here Quick web searches that instructs me to "Next, drop a commands field from (Settings->Customize->Commands->Tools) in your GUI." The post is from 2009.

I cannot find that in Opus 12. Is this still possible to do? It would be nice to just start typing in a command field to input a search term, then press the Enter key, and have the result show up in my default browser.

The toolbar command field is no longer needed.

You can type > or ? into the file display to make a command field appear, and then type a command to run them. (The first runs things normally; the second runs them in a Command Prompt.)

Ah yes, I do remember reading that just the other day. But I've been doing a lot of reading up on Opus, so things get a bit jumbled at times.

Is there a way to map another key for " > " ? I looked in the Help/Keyboard Map but don't find an entry for that one.. I'd rather just press one key instead of 2. Nit picky, I know....

You can change it under Preferences / File Displays / Find As You Type Keys (or something like that; I'm on my phone at the moment).

Thanks, found it as FAYT.