How to add Directory Opus context menu to Windows Explorer?

Up front, I am sorry should this question been asked before. I searched for an answer for quite a while.

Files on desktop.
Either I select multiple files or just a single one, the r-click context menu (Windows Explorer!) shows a Directory Opus Archive entry.
A Directory Opus entry is indeed possible.

I tried to figure out to get a Directory Opus entry with added commands as sub menu.
Like 'move to...' or 'copy to..', i.e. the ones defined under Settings > File Types > All Files & Folders.

Is that possible?


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You can use DOpusRT.exe /acmd to run Opus commands from outside of Opus.

I'm not sure how well that would work for this, though; you'd probably end up copying/moving each file individually, instead of all at once.

Using cut/copy & paste into Opus is probably easier for that kind of thing from the desktop.


Okay, then my understanding was correct: it is not something that can be enabled or so, from within the Opus settings, so as to get something similar to Archives.
No problem, belongs into the 'It would be nice'-category.

Thanks again.