How to add file and folder direct shortcuts in the top toolbar?

How to add file and folder direct shortcuts in the top toolbar like Clover file manager?

Or better: Display my favorites links like it displays Disk Drives links.

Settings -> Customize Toolbars, then drag any files or folders you want toolbar buttons for to the toolbar.

See Editing the Toolbar for detailed information.

If you want Favorites directly on your toolbar, add a button which runs Favorites SHOWICONS NOOPENINTABS (or copy & paste the similar one that is already in the default Favorites menu) and it will turn into your favorites list when you click OK to exit Customize mode. The two extra arguments (SHOWICONS, NOOPENINTABS) are not required, but will probably be desired.

Thanks! Anyway your program should show a box with a message "Do you want to put Opus in customize mode?" if I try to drag a folder into the toolbar. Nobody will figure this out when testing the program. Works great now, but I am not able to put the Desktop folder as a link in the toolbar. How to fix?

You can drag folders on to buttons to run the buttons on those folders. (Also, dragging a folder on a button which goes to that folder will act like dragging something to that folder, so you can quickly copy or move things to folders you have buttons for.) Thus showing a message if you drag folders to a toolbar would get in the way quite often.

Windows won't let you drag the top-level desktop folder (same in Explorer) so you can't create shortcuts to it via drag & drop.

Create a button which runs this command: GO PATH /Desktop (or copy the one that is in the right-click menu of the Up/Parent button by default).

You can also use /DesktopDir if you only want to see your own personal desktop folder without all the rest.