How to add Mcafee right click file scan functioanliy to Dopus

I just installed the latest McAfee Antivirus. Right clicking a file in Windows File Explorer displays McAfee's "Scan" and "Shred" functions. However, these functions do not show up in DOPUS. Does anyone know how to enable them?

It's an error (or by choice) on McAfee's side. Their shell extension does not add any menu items when we ask it.

If you search the forum for "McAfee" there are several threads about it.

If McAfee has a command line interface, you could make a similar menu item which scans files you right-click. I'm not familiar enough with it to know if it has one, but most good antivirus does.

Thanks... I'll just have to use File Explorer if I want to scan individual files or folders.

I did a Google search and found a user on a McAfee forum who determined that, while the McAfee Scan function does not work in DOPUS on a file or folder, it does work if you make a shortcut to that file or folder. As he said, very odd. A good clue for DOPUS developers??

Do you want DOpus to automatically create a shortcut for every file you might want to scan?

If you'll notice Leo's wording, they ask the shell (Microsoft's program that manages a variety of internal systems, including the right mouse button's context menu), "Hey, what do you want me to show?" If the shell doesn't return a certain set of commands, there's not much DOpus can do about it. In short, McAffee is choosing (with intent or by accident) to not show their commands when (some) other programs ask Windows what should be displayed on that particular menu.

Using a restaurant as an example, File Explorer walks in, gets seated and is offered the regular dinner menu with all dishes listed on it.

Directory Opus walks in, gets seated, and is offered the limited dinner menu with fewer options because one of the chefs in the kitchen doesn't want Directory Opus (and possibly other diners) to have her dishes.

Directory Opus doesn't have the option of going back to the kitchen and forcing that chef to offer their dishes.

Whether it's a shortcut or the actual file, Directory Opus still only builds the menu from what the operating system provided.

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Thanks for the thoughts but I'm still confused:

  1. If I'm in DOPUS and select a file or folder, McAfee scan doesn't show up on rt. click. If I make a shortcut to that file or folder (in DOPUS), then McAfee scan shows and works. If I do this with a folder with 10 files, McAfee reports 10 files scanned, so it's not just scanning the shortcut file itself (or is it??). This could be tested with a benign virus file in a folder with virus-free files. It's as if DOPUS has to show McAfee a special membership card to the waiter to see the full menu. After all, the shortcut is just a pointer to the actual file. Seems to me that the DOPUS developers could figure out a way to fix this.
  2. You say that the problem lies with the OS (Windows 10 in my case). Just to confirm, is the OS the problem or McAfee?
  3. On the question of whether I want to make a shortcut of every file I might want to scan, I would say not at all. I typically only want to scan single files if they are new downloads. Nortons did this automatically but I haven't seen any evidence of this with McAfee.
    Would appreciate any thoughts...

It's a McAfee problem. We ask them if they want to add to the context menu, they say no, unless it's a shortcut for some reason. We have no idea why, as we can't see inside their DLL. They don't seem interested in investigating or fixing it.

All we can suggest is to create a similar menu item that runs McAfee via the command-line (assuming it allows for that), or using a different antivirus tool (e.g. NOD32 works perfectly with Opus).

Thanks for the clarification! Maybe I need to go to a different AV. Do you know of any other good AV's that will scan single files/folders on demand from DOPUS?

Other than NOD32 (never heard of that one)

ESET NOD32 is a well known antivirus that has been around for a long time. It's always been one of the best, and what most of us are using ourselves.

If you don't want that for some reason, I'm not sure, as I haven't have any reason to look at any others in a long time used. I know Norton also has issues with its context menus in anything other than Explorer. (They don't even show up in Notepad.exe if you right-click something in a File > Open dialog. Norton do it on purpose for reasons unknown.)

Thanks. Very highly rated by PCMag.

I've been using ESET for close to 15 years now and have never had a problem with it getting in the way of using my computer.