How to add searching keyword history in toolbars search box

In file explorer search box keep my searching keyword history. how to add searching keyword history in directory opus toolbars search


I just don't understand why no one answer my question after 2 days

Possibly because they are busy working on other more important matters behind the scenes? Maybe a new update or something urgent. This particular issue may take time to investigate so until they have that time you will have to be patient.

I made a request several years ago which the team liked but until they have time to incorporate it, I will have to wait patiently. This can be said for many other features that people have requested.

Patience is the key!

Currently there's no way you can add or enable this; that control doesn't maintain a history at the moment. We'll put this on the list for improvement in a future version.

Thanks Mr. Jon for replay. This option is so much helpful. Please try to add this as soon as possible.