How to add strings to columns of a Listview control

I'm playing with the new listview control in details mode but can't find a way to fill the columns with strings. The AddItem method always copies them to the first column. I can enumerate the DialogListColumns object and get the name of the columns but don't know how to add items to them.
Note that I'm no professional but a try & error self-educator so a verbose answer would be very appreciated.

Use the DialogListItem.subitems member, e.g. item.subitems(0) = "blah" would set the value of the second column.

Not too verbose to be honest. :smiley:
After a lot of trying I got it working. Thanks.

So, there is no way to do it via GUI? Will this be changed in some future version?

So how to fill secondary columns via AddItem method? An example of how to populate a multi column list view will be very appreciated. There's no such thing in manual.

Add the item using AddItem, which can set the first column (column 0), then use item.subitems(0) = "cat" to set the second column to "cat", and so on.

	var listview = Dlg.Control("listview1");
	var i;
	i = listview.AddItem("Test 1");
	listview.GetItemAt(i).subitems(0) = "Test Sub 1.1";
	listview.GetItemAt(i).subitems(1) = "Test Sub 1.2";
	i = listview.AddItem("Test 2");
	listview.GetItemAt(i).subitems(0) = "Test Sub 2.1";
	listview.GetItemAt(i).subitems(1) = "Test Sub 2.2";

Or, if the first column strings are unique:

	var listview = Dlg.Control("listview1");
	listview.AddItem("Test 1");
	listview.GetItemByName("Test 1").subitems(0) = "Test Sub 1.1";
	listview.GetItemByName("Test 1").subitems(1) = "Test Sub 1.2";
	listview.AddItem("Test 2");
	listview.GetItemByName("Test 2").subitems(0) = "Test Sub 2.1";
	listview.GetItemByName("Test 2").subitems(1) = "Test Sub 2.2";