How to adjust font size within Opus?

Hello, I am now testing three file managers of which one is Opus, but noticed the font size within the Opus file manager is smaller then the other two.
I have searched in all of the Preferences options but could not find an option to adjust this?
Is there a solution to adjust the display font size within the left and right panes of Opus, if so, how?
Thank you.

You can change most font sizes under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

If you're using the English version, it's the first Preferences page, right at the top of the list:

You can set the font size in -> preferences -> display -> colors & fonts -> fonts (or just type "fonts" into the search field at the bottom).
It's also possible to hold the CTRL key & use the mouse wheel to change the font size temporarily.

Thank you Leo and Abr, for answering my questions, it's really appreciated.
I wear glasses, but that still is no excuse for this oversight.....still don't understand how I missed this option in Preferences :blush: