How to always automatically save settings of last closed lis

I don't know if Dopus is capable of this or not, but I can't figure it out.
When I use DOpus, I have a few (single) listers saved as lister layouts. Is there a way for each lister to remember it's last used settings before it was closed, so that the next time I open it, it's back to the previous settings? I want it to remember all the settings such as the view modes on the tabs, which directories were open in the tabs, the sorting method, etc. Right now, if I change directories or something and I want to save that state, i have to resave the layout and overwrite the layout it was on. So, is this possible, especially with multiple saved layouts? Thanks.

I myself dont know, but i wish it did. It gets slightly annoying (for no reason) to have to click on the tab (on top) that i want to use. I should simply be able to open DO and it knows which tab i want by default.

The only 'auto-save lister settings' type functionality I've seen in Opus is for the 'Default Lister' settings which don't get invoked when you're loading specified layouts. I think for now your only option might be to create a custom 'Close' button that saves the layout and then closes the lister...

Thanks steje, maybe I'll do that button. Let me ask you this...when making the button, will it be possible for the button to save the lister to right layout name, without me having to specify it? For example, I have 3 different saved layouts, when Imake this custom close button, how will it know which layout to save it to?

On a similar note, you know that Tabbar toolbar that comes default with Dopus? How does the "Previous" tab work? How come that tab can remember previous settings, but my saved layouts can't?

So I tried making a custom close button that will save the lister, but the problem is that I always have to specify which layout I want to save the lister to and overwrite the existing layout of that name. Is there any way for DOpus to remember the last settings of the lister before it was closed, so the next time I open it, it's back to that place?

I realize that some people like having their listers always open up in a deafault position, but some people (like me) like to have the lister open up to wherever I last left it. Perhaps this is a feature request?