How to apply a custom/favourite folder format?

I found how to set a content-type format with "Set CONTENTFORMAT=.." (supports 'music', 'images' etc.), but is there a way to apply a favourite-/path- or default-format as well?

Have a look at Set FORMAT.

That's to good to be true, awesome!
I guess there are that many options, that it's getting hard to not overlook things. o) I used the search function as well, but anyway. o)

Thank you a thousand times! o)

I am trying to toggle between the custom and Movies format. No probs switching to Movies, but it won't come back to custom:

@ifset:CONTENTFORMAT=Movies Set FORMAT !custom @ifset:else Set CONTENTFORMAT Movies

Where is my mistake?

@ifset:CONTENTFORMAT=Movies will never be true, at least at the moment. It's not something a button can test for.

(A quick way to tell if you can use something with @ifset is to put the normal command, like Set CONTENTFORMAT=Movies in a button on its own, and see if the button appears pushed-in after clicking it to activate that state. If it doesn't then @ifset won't work.)

Thank you for the tip, Leo.
So at the moment, this mean I should just have one shortcut for each mode, is that right?

You might be able to test for other things (e.g. thumbnails mode) that would give you the same result - it depends how the formats differ.

Great idea.
This worked for my needs.
Thank you Jon!