How to assign more than 1 label for a file?

Hi !

Would like to know if it's possible to assign more than 1 label for a specific file. In this case, I want to label this .ai file with its source (template from and with the type of graphical element it is (a badge).

So allowing me to do a search returning all files with the labels I am looking for.

Thank you in advance

Edit your SetLabel menu and add the ADDLABEL argument to it. It will then add labels without removing the existing ones.

2023 edit -- In newer configs, menus to set labels can be found in two places by default:

  • One is in the toolbars, inside the Properties button-menu.
    (To edit: Settings > Customize Toolbars)

  • A second is in the context menu when right-clicking a file or folder.
    (To edit: Settings > File Types > All Files And Folders > Context Menu)

For general help using commands and editing toolbars:

You might also want to add SETLABELTOGGLE so you can toggle individual labels on and off.

e.g. The default menu is generated by this command:

Properties SETLABEL !menu LABELCATEGORY raw:~(Status)

You could change it to this: