How To Automate a Folder-To-Folder Sync?

I figured out how to manually sync two folders, got that down already.

Is there way to automate the folder-to-folder sync that I'm now doing manually? If so, I'd appreciate a little how-to guidance.


Automated as in in the background, on a schedule? Or when you click a button?

What kind of sync are you doing? What are the parameters?

Automated as in, in the background, on a schedule, yes.

Type of sync: whatever is put in Folder A needs to be copied to Folder B, per the schedule I set up.

Thanks, Leo!

Opus isn't the best tool if you want automated background synching on a schedule and without a UI when it runs. I would look to tools dedicated to that purpose instead (e.g. backup tools).

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Windows task scheduler and robocopy.exe should be fine for your automated sync, both come with every windows installation.

For how to use and setup the task scheduler, please look into dedicated tutorials on the net. You can also create a scheduled task with the commandline (try "schtasks.exe /create /?" in a commandline to see how it works). Regarding robocopy.exe, there is also some information out there (also try "robocopy.exe /?" in a commandline). To get you going a bit quicker, this is the robocopy command line I use to mirror location A to location B. Mirroring means, files in destination, which do not longer exist in source, will be removed, missing files in dest, will be copied of course.

Robocopy.exe "<sourcepath A>\" "<destpath B>\" /V /E /NP /R:0 /W:0 /COPYALL /PURGE /DCOPY:T

Keep in mind to wrap paths with spaces into double quotes and robocopy.exe likes to have trailing "" in any path given.

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Maybe that is useful for you as well, a DO button to trigger a sync with robocopy from source to dest.
Synchronize (Robocopy).dcf (836 Bytes)
The button makes use of "Confirm" script command, get it here ... =45&t=4926
or simply remove the line containing the "Confirm" command or change it to be just "@confirm" (uses DO-builtin, but simpler confirmation dialog).

Thank you, everyone!

In the meanwhile, Directory Opus has some interesting features built-in that you may want to consider:

Copying Updated Files (!Documents/Copying_Updated_Files.htm)

Synchronize (!Documents/Synchronize.htm)