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How to backup appearance settigs


I have downloaded a theme file for opus from this forum. I've made little changes to it and now I would like to import it to my other computer. Is there a way to backup these appearance settings?

Normal backup didn't seem to work for these settings. Would be very nice if this could be saved to single theme file or something like that!

Version: 12.11


The normal Settings > Backup & Restore backup will include everything, at least if you tell it to.

You could also create your own theme if you only want the theme-related settings.

If it isn't working, which settings specifically are not transferring?


I have downloaded a theme and applied it to dopus on my other computer. After the theme was applied - I went to Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Colors and Fonts. In here I made little tweaking to theme I applied. Then I went Settings -> Backup & Restore and backed up my settings. Then I restored this file on my other computer, but it did not restore the appearance from my another computer.

Any ideas?


I feel like an idiot.. There were two backups 2019-01-03 and 2019-03-01. I give you one guess which went wrong :sweat_smile: