How to change attributes of selected files in subfolders?


when I click on "Display the contents of all subfolders in the current file display" - all files of the subdirectories will be displayed.

I select them all (files only) and press ALT+ENTER to change the file attributs to read-only but nothing happens.

Funny is - all (selected) files do not have set read-only - but the read-only flag is selected (and not "greyed"). At the top of the window also shows 30 (in my case) files selected.

Why does this not work - I'm sure it has worked before 9.5.2. Now in 9.5.3 is also does not work.

Is there something wrong or an another solution?


I'm not sure that the Properties dialog (which comes from Windows) handles files in different directories properly. In any event, you can use the Set Attributes to change the attributes much better than via the Properties dialog.