How to change background color of Location & Search boxes

I am creating a new theme (Solarized Dark) and have it nearly finished with one exception... I cannot figure out how to change the background color for the Location & Search boxes! Can someone please help me out?
I will publish my work here in case anyone else is interested in Solarized Dark. As a programmer it's what I use with all my other apps and I highly recommend it! :slight_smile:

(I am on v12.9 on Windows 10 - and yes I have searched and searched and found nothing!)

Thanks in advance!

Those come from the Windows theme (visual style) and cannot be changed at the moment, although we're looking into the possibility of providing a way to do so.

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Hmm... are you sure about that Leo? (Btw THANK YOU for the quick response!)
Not doubting you... but here are 2 screenshots from my system... the first is from Windows Explorer (er, 'scuse me, FILE Explorer LOL) and the second is from DO. Am I missing something?



Quite sure.

If you make the toolbar background in Opus white like it is in Explorer, the search field background will also be white, like it is in Explorer. The theme element used to draw the fields is translucent.

(Explorer doesn't always use the same themes as other apps anyway; it has a bunch of its own private themes, which vary from version to version. So differences between Explorer and something else don't always mean the other thing isn't using system themes either.)