How to change context menu item text color (hover)

How do I change the text color for the hovered item in the context menu?
Seems like I should be able to figure this out but I think I'm burned out from having spent so long creating this new theme! LOL Sorry if it's obvious!

Thanks in advance!

It may depend on which context menu you mean, but I think in general you cannot change the text color for the hot/active item in menus; the text color remains the same and the background is filled with the selection color. That means a selection color needs to be chosen that works with the text color to keep things readable.

Oh DUH on me... I just realized it's not only the context menu, but menus on the toolbars as well! Sorry!
But your info gives me an idea for a work around though!
It will come down to whether or not I can change THAT color without it affecting other things. That is the one thing about doing this theme that has frustrated me, that often times colors/fonts affect more than the desired target. This was the case when I found the new feature of modifying the colors involving the listview col heads and the scrollbars. I kinda was wishing DO was a little more granular. But don't get me wrong, I am hugely THANKFUL that you added this capability! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the always-speedy response Leo!

It's the "selected" color here (assuming the 12.9.1 beta):

Unless you are using wildly different menu and toolbar background colors, it should be something you can change without worrying.