How to change folder displays

I know that I can change the parameters displayed in folders by right clicking at the top of the display and then selecting the parameters that I want. So for example, I want to display all my image files showing file name, size and dimensions. This I can do. The problem is in applying it to all folders in a folder tree. It seems I have to alter it for every folder individually.
Is there a way to set the display as I want it for images - eg file name, size and dimensions - and have this apply to all the folders in that folder tree?

You can save it for the current folder and subfolders. It's a checkbox when you're saving it (if you're doing it via Folder Options, which it sounds like you are).

If you want to change the format for all folders, not just a particular branch, there's also an option for that in the sake dialog.

Thanks Leo for your usual prompt response.
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