How to change folders and close prior tree?

I’m relatively new to DO. This is hard to describe, but here goes….

I have DO defaulted to 2 panes and 2 trees.

Example of what I want to do:
By default, I have C:\ on the left pane and M:\Documents on the right pane.
I want to keep the left pane as is, but I want to change the right pane to G:\Documents.
Currently, I click on drive G and it opens on the right pane. Then, in the tree, I click the little icon next to drive G, click Documents and the folder opens. However, the drive M tree stays open.

How can I go to drive G:\Documents folder and have drive M tree close? The only open tree that I want open is drive G.


Preferences // Lister // Folder Tree // Collapse non-selected branches