How to change text color and sorting column headings in Virtual Folders?

Hi, I am trying to change the color of the text in virtual folders, for some reason it refuses to change.

and remains black, even though I enabled all the options suggested in other forum topics. Is there something I am missing?

Virtual Folders are rendered by the Windows shell, which doesn't provide a way to change its header colors.

But we have a change in the pipeline which will enable you do to this, by implementing the full dark (or any colors you want) theme for all standard control types which Microsoft have failed to provide themselves.

Is there a way to change that in registry? Do you know how windows does make this change in File Explorer??

There's no way to change it currently. File Explorer uses a lot of internal functionality that isn't documented or exposed to other applications.

You'll be able to change it in the future, but can't yet.

Its great software thank you. I am glad that I found it, sad that you don't seem to like linux a lot, but I hope it will come one day or I will build a competitor...