How to change the behavior of opening a folder under aliases?

I use folder aliases.
I use dual vertical display model.
However, now I have some problems.
Every time I open the folder under the alias, it replaces the current folder in the left column by default.
I want to change it to: when i open the folder under the alias,it can open in a new tab and in the active column.
This has bothered me recently. I hope my expression is clear, and thanks for any help!

Does this really involve aliases specifically? They should behave the same as normal paths.

How are you navigating to the folder/alias at the moment?

Thank you for your reply, Leo.
The folder under aliased is add through
preferences>favorites recent>folder aliases>add
It should be explained more clearly through the figure

Aliases in the folder tree should work the same as any other folders in the tree.

You can configure the tree to open new tabs instead of changing the current folder, but it would affect all folders in the tree.

One option is to use the middle mouse button/wheel when you want to open a new tab. (If it doesn’t already do that, it can be configured to.)

Using a modifier should work as well.

It is also possible to define "Go newtab" for middle double click and to activate in the settings, that a single middle click is handled like double click. (If you want to avoid using a modifier)

Ah, Leo wrote a similar comment.

Middle click folder to open in new folder tab - Opus FAQs - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

For the folder tree, you can change what the mouse buttons do here:

You may also be able to use scripting to do something more advanced, like only open aliases in new tabs, but it's probably not worth it when middle clicking (or various other options) lets you open new tabs when you want them, for any folder, and without being forced to always open a new tab when you don't want one.