How to change the Lister Icons for MS Office Apps

How can I change the lister icons for MS Office Apps? They previously displayed as the default Office 2007 icons but now they appear as smaller, different icons. This also happened for PDF's but after repairing the Adobe program, the PDF icon came back.

I was "fiddling" before, not within the lister and lost the icons completely. After running a regisrty cleaner tool the icons can back but different. I have deleted the iconcache.db file a number of times also.

Appreciate any help on this,


Do they have the same incorrect icons within Windows Explorer as well? (i.e. Is this a question about Opus or about Windows?)

What kind of "fiddling" did you do to cause this?

Try Settings -> File Types -> (expand System File Types) -> DOCX -> Edit (at the bottom) -> Change Icon, but it may not work depending on what's is actually broken and how.

Tks Leo.... Your first question; yes same incorrect icons in W7 explorer..

Tried your suggestion below using using Settings > File Types ........ but as you suspected, no joy. As to what I was fiddling with at the time I do not recall exactly but I was no doubt trying to tweak something, bad habit.

Thanks anyway & if I do manage to get the icons back, will post on this thread.

Tks again.... Norm..