How to clear 'date digitized/taken' from JPEGs?

I have a lot of JPEG images here and I need to basically remove the date digitized/taken information from the meta data. I use SetAttr META * to actually remove everything, and this command removes a lot but keeps the data digitized/taken. :smiley:

If this is not intended it is at least confusing! :wink:

Do you just want to remove digitized/taken or would erasing all the exif data be ok as well?

If I actually need to remove all meta data I use exiftool.exe -all= -overwrite_original -r . But I often use SetAttr META * to simply clear the EXIF data of JPEGs, since it is a bit more convenient within DOpus. But yesterday I recognized that the date digitized/taken field isn't cleared (which may be not intended).

This will be fixed in the next update.

The beta 11.15.3 is now available.

Thank you very much for introducing this. :slight_smile: