How to clear previous search string in the Find window?

I use Directory Opus Every I bring out the Find tool window, the search string in my previous search remains there, and I have to clear them again and again. Is there a way to automatically clear them? Thanks!

Did you read this post: [url]Clear search mru?] :wink:

I get it, make a empty (or preset) find.osd and make it read-only. Thank you!

DOpus saves the last searched Name and Text in the file

..\Documents and Settings<your name>\Local Settings\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data\find.osd

If you open the XML file in Notepad, you will find the last searched Name and Text here:

<name>Name</name> <contains>Text</contains>
Change this to:

<name /> <contains />
Note that when you just delete find.osd, all your settings (clear previous results / show results in / search inside subfolders etc..) are also deleted!

But yes, you could change the settings and make find.osd read-only! :slight_smile:

Some extra info: Deleyd created a great button / script (with a detailed guide) to clear the Find Dialog fields.
You can download it here: [url]Clear the find fields before searching for more files]