How to combine LAYOUT and NEW in Go command?

I have this button to open a new Lister:

Go PATH={sourcepath}{file} LAYOUT=Center VIEW=thumbnails NEW=nodual

Unfortunately, the NEW=nodual part seems to make the Go command ignore the LAYOUT=Center argument. Any chance to combine the two?

Btw, this works...

@set glob:myTarget={sourcepath}{file}
Prefs LAYOUT=Center
Go PATH={$glob:myTarget} VIEW=thumbnails
Set DUAL=off 

... but is just too kludgy for my taste :wink:

NEW and LAYOUT are mutually exclusive, I think (since they both open new windows).

This seems to work OK:

Go FROMSEL LAYOUT=Center VIEW=thumbnails 
Set DUAL=off

Hello. Leo's last button doesn't wotk for me. it do nothing, no new window, no anything.
as here
([GO NEW Layout=XXX Broken in])

works, but it doesn't open lister in thumbnails mode.

Set VIEW=thumbnails

last two commands doesn't work.
where's mistake?

P.S. sorry. that is right for now
Go LAYOUT=Thumbnails CURRENT VIEW=Thumbnails

P.P.S. a Leo's button works well. didn't see FROMSEL))) the embeded commads are what i need. thanx to lxp

The commands need to be embedded, as in the examples above.

Look here for details:!Documents/Embedded_functions_for_new_Listers.htm