How to configure High DPI settings/commands?

Hi All.
I'm a long time user from DOpus 10 onwards and upgraded to version 12 for one reason only, the advertised high DPI support feature. Problem is that I haven't a clue how to configure it, or even locate it in DOpus. And yes, I've read the help file but it is mumbo jumbo to me.
If it's a matter of writing commands, then HELP. Never done this before. If it's finding the relevant thing to click or manipulate could anybody point me in the right direction.
For the record, I've just got a new 2560 x 1440 27" screen for my desktop and need to move to at least 125% or more in DOpus to make it usable for my tired eyes. My laptop is new too a Dell XPS 13 9300 with what Dell labels FHD+ 1080 x 1200 screen, so moving it to around 125% in Dpos could be good too.
For the record, I've managed to locate simple instructions to change the DPI in Firefox, so I'm hoping it will be easy to do in DOpus as well.

You don't generally need to configure anything in Opus. Set the scaling amount in Windows, and Opus will follow that.

If something particular looks the wrong size, let us know what it is and we can help with the specifics.

Thanks Leo, but that's what I tried before and don't like the results in Dpos or other apps. It blurs the text. I tried it now with DOpus 12 and the results look the same. Basically, I can live with it in most programs, but need the settings to be right for Firefox (which I've fixed) and DOpus, as these are the one's I use the most.

It won't blur the text if you have Opus 12, provided you reboot after changing the scaling in Windows.

(There's a red message about rebooting in the Windows Settings dialog after changing the scaling amount, which most people ignore, but it's there for a good reason.)

OK, I'll try. I simply said in windows to close the program and not reboot. I'll now reboot and get back to you.

Ah, that's a fairly recent change in Windows. I haven't tried but it's possible exiting Opus (File > Exit Directory Opus, not just closing the window and opening a new one) might be enough. But, if in doubt, reboot.

(At least in the past you actually had to reboot twice for some aspects of Windows to update properly to DPI changes, although it was fairly subtle. I'd be surprised if they've really removed the need to reboot once. DPI stuff in Windows is still full of bugs.)

Yes, Leo. Rebooting did the trick. DOpus looks better now at 125% DPI. Not blurry at all.
Thanks for your prompt help.

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