How to copy a file to a list of (empty) folders?

Having some two dozen of (empty) folders.
I'd like to 'batch-copy' a file into all these folders.

The only way I can do it right now is to open each individual folder one by one and paste the file into that folder.

Maybe there simply is no other way, but.. maybe there is...??


I thought there was a way you could PASTE into multiple selected locations... but after playing around a bit with the native commands I guess maybe not.

A script command could do this easily... how would you want it to work? Mainly, which selection would you want to make first - source or destination?

Thanks Steje.

Well, indeed, I was hoping for an 'easy' solution, one that I might have overlooked.

A bit similar to
"Copy Files to Many Directories" (FileBoss)
"Copy files to multiple folders or multiple computers" (CopyWhiz)

Timebeing - forget it, maybe one day it will be added to Opus.
A "Copy a file to multiple folders"-search on Internet shows multiple hits, so it seems I am not the only one :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the offer.


Maybe this is what you want: Command: PasteToFolders (paste clipb. into multiple folders)

Many thanks kundal!

Yes indeed the ClipboardEx PASTETOFOLDER/S in:

is the solution.

Although it helped me a lot, with thanks to tbone as well, frankly, I hope one day it will be an Opus built in-feature, say Edit->Advanced Paste or something.

Toolbar is getting pretty crowded and... should one wish to install Opus from scratch (on a new computer or new HDD), I assume extra work is required to re-establish all buttons..?

Admittedly, I have not yet encountered such situation, but I would not know if by just restoring the .ocb-backup-settings will also restore all the: .vbs - .dop - .js - .osp -.orp - .ouc - .dcf files with all the toolbar buttons and stuff, especially... when (re)installing Opus on a different partition.
Guess it may be interesting new topic.

Anyway, thanks!


Config backups include toolbars and script add-ins.


I gave it a try and downloaded a 32bit trial on my other machine (there is no Opus on that pc and I hv a license for 1 pc, so a trial is the only way to try it out)

After installing I restored the today's backup and it pretty much the same.

I haven't tried out everything yet - no time, but I take it everything will be the same.
One thing I did try though: I have a vbs script (Date from filename) that changes the modified filedates based on the data-time format in a filename. Works fine on my current pc but got an error in the other one. Error pointing to blanc line in the script, so I have no clue.

Could there be a difference between x64 and 32bit on that matter?

code: Change modified date after filename

It won't be due to 32/64-bit. More likely different date formats on the PC, but that's quite a long/complicated script and I can't see the example filenames or other details to tell what might be going wrong.

Best to ask in the thread for the script, not this thread about pasting into folders.

Okay, will ask in that thread.
Obviously a button calling an external .exe won't work. Even though the .exe is in the same folder as Opus.