How to create a filter box for filter by Albumname for Flac file?

I have a filter box in my file displays status bar. That can filter by file name only. I want to create a filterbox like that which can filter by Albumname Metadata for Flac File.

A button that loads a filter into the Tools > Find Files > Advanced panel is probably the easiest way to do something like that at the moment. The filter could be set to match on album title, and you'd just have to type in the title after pushing the button.

Command would be like:

Find FILTER NAME="My Filter"

in advanced panel there is no item "Albumname" which one should I select for the next step?

Should be in Music.

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This Code does not run the search. I have Save a filter named dolly
Then Create a button with
Find FILTER NAME="dolly"
But after Click this button it's only open the advanced find panel, it's don't search anything. I Need to Click on the find button for run the search, so It's not good. Is there any way that I can type my string in to a dialog box and hit enter will provide me the search result.

Please add this feature to filter music file from Metadata in Next Update

You can make it run the search as soon as you click the button, but you asked for something you could type an album name into.

If it runs the search instead of showing the Find panel and letting you edit the filter, you won’t get to type anything, and the button will always search for the same album title.

This is the point a dialog box comes in my idea! where can I input my search string first, then hit the enter button will do the search and provide me the result.

You can’t use a dialog box for this currently, unless you do everything via scripting.

You can do it the other way around:

Define a filter like this...

... call it with this button...


... then enter the search text.

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So the people who can not write script Need a default feature in Opus. Please Add in your to do list add this ability in Opus future update

We're planning some things that will make this easier, but you've already been given a method that lets you click a button, type the album name, and click Find, which is pretty streamlined as it is.

Let's not forget the bonus feature: the field in the filter is easier to edit for a second search than an entry in a dialog that is gone after hitting OK.


Glad to know that, So Let's see in next update.