How to Create a Folder Alias

I can make a Folder Alias by going to Preferences and then to Folder Aliases. You click create and then enter the Folder Alias name and the path. But, I would have to create each alias individually. It's not a very streamlined way of doing things.

I would like to just right click a path or folder and then designate it as a Folder Alias and name it. It would make things a lot easier.

I have looked at a couple of threads and I still don't get how to create a button, hotkey, context menu function, etc.!Documents/Favorites_Command.htm!Documents/Prefs/Folder_Aliases.htm

These are the 3 relevant threads that seem to refer to Folder Aliases. I tried creating a function using the following command: Favorites ALIAS=set NAME=MyAlias PATH
but that didn't do anything when I selected a path and executed the command.

Can someone tell me the specific command to convert a path to a Folder Alias? Or what the procedure is?

Thanks a lot!

This will create an alias pointing to each selected folder, prompting you for the name of each alias:

Favorites ALIAS=set NAME="{dlgstringS|Create New Alias:|{file|noext}}" PATH {filepath}

This covers most things: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

If you want something on the right-click menus for folders, that guide doesn't go into that, but you can do it via Settings > File Types > All Folders > Context Menu, using the same command (above) as you'd use on a toolbar button.

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

By the way, when I asked I didn't know how to create a button, I meant that I didn't know how to create a button that would convert a pathname to a folder alias!