How to create a folder in Destination from a JavaScript Variable

How to create a folder in Destination File Display from a JavaScript Variable?

You can use the Command object to run Opus commands (in this case, you would run the CreateFolder command.)

yes I have tried this

var cmd = clickData.func.command;
cmd.RunCommand('CreateFolder NAME="regfolder" READAUTO');

Here regfolder is my Variable name, But It's Create a folder which name regfolder, but it's not use my variable data.

The command you're passing to Opus is a string, so you just need to build the string with your variable in it. E.g.

var name = 'folder name';
var cmd = clickData.func.command;
cmd.RunCommand('CreateFolder NAME="' + name + '" READAUTO');
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Thanks Jon now it's Works, But How to change the focus to destination file display Here?

Try adding cmd.SetSourceTab(cmd.desttab); before the RunCommand line.

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Thanks Jon it's works now

Hi Jon, It's Create the folder in Destination file display but the Focus Doesn't Changed to Destination. How to change the Focus also?

cmd.RunCommand('Set Focus=Toggle');

This Command Works fine.