How to create a lister style with always details view mood?

I create a lister style like the screen shot below. I want directory opus always show in details view mood in every where. but when i restart my pc and open directory opus the folder view have change sometime. I don't understand why? and when I drag a folder to folder tab bar to open the folder in a new tab then also the view mood change. I want to create a lister style that show always in details view every where every time. thanks for help.

and how to change the menu color? in my screen shot that is white, I want to change it another color.

By the way, It's "mode" not "mood". The wrong word might confuse people.

Styles are not what you want if you want to change the defaults. Instead, please see this FAQ:

Turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Use Office 2003-style for toolbars if you want to change menu background colors.

Also, please:

first of all Thank you so much dear Leo for give me the right direction. now my problem is solve. then i am SORRY for use wrong word 'mood' & ask 2 question in 1 post. because i don't know the rule. Finally i want to share the link from FAQs where i found my answer for those people who have the same problem. Your answer is here: Folder Formats: Quick Guide [Opus 10 & 11]

That guide is the old one for Opus 10 & 11. If you're using Opus 12, you want the one I linked to.

I use opus 11 dear Leo

Please link your account in that case, as it will indicate your Opus version next to your posts, which helps us tailor our answers to the version you are using (and you can't be using an evaluation copy of such an old version).