How to disable automatic sort

In case of renaming files in a folder with -many- other files, the renamed file is automatically sorted and the cursor position jumps to the renamed file.
This might well be somewhere at the bottom of the list. One needs to scroll up the list to find the previous position. Sometimes scrolling many times.

I found a thread
How to disable automatically sort
but think that option has gone.

Any suggestions?


Easiest solution: Push either the tab key or the cursor down key before pushing return (or esc). Then you'll be on the next file and will stay on it as the renamed file(s) move into their new positions.

Doing that means you don't have to mess up the way sorting works when doing other things. And it also means you have the option of staying with the renamed file when you need to (which is quite often, e.g. rename a file and then open it).

Ah, right!

Many thanks. Indeed I am usually pushing the enter key.
Tab key is the best solution. Simply didn't try it...

Thanks again.

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