How to display 'embedded comments'?

I have added some text to an image (photo).
Whilst using XnViewMP as a viewer and checking the properties, the comments are there alright - under 'Embedded Comments


In Opus I tried columns 'Comments', 'User Description' 'Description' but nothing is being displayed.

I am not sure if at all possible, but how to display the embedded comments ?


Please attach a sample file.

Attached file: DSC_1246-large.jpg

XnView properties vs Opus Properties (see below)
Embedded comments is not 'carried over' to comments


That said, I just... discovered that I could click on the 'comment' field in Opus file-properties
and it would open a small window allowing to manually add text there.


Sorry for the big screenshots...

As an aside: That is not the Opus properties dialog. It is the Windows properties dialog. You'll see the same from Explorer or most other programs if you right-click a file and choose Properties.

(Opus has its own metadata editor: Editing Metadata.)

Windows (and Opus, for consistency with Explorer) use a different EXIF comment field to some programs. Some can show both fields. In XnView and IrfanView the Windows comment field shows up as "XPComment".

From the XnView forum: Disparity with the written 'Comment' field (metadata).

Thank you very much for checking this! Really appreciate it.